Saturday, January 24, 2015

its 2015 already?

you know. i should be studying right now. but since UiTM's student portal server is down and i cant download any lectures or whatever pdfs in there, so here i am writing. again. at last. by now you might have guess that i have exams coming pretty soon.. and by soon i mean.. less than a week. well.. duh. download learning material in the I-learn in the middle of the semester? pfft. i mean. who does that? let's wait around until study week arrives (if there is any) and we will all be flocking in the I-learn wanting to download this and that and cause massive server break down. everytime. why dont we?

well, first off, you have to know that i used to actively blog. pouring my hearts out. i was young and carefree, exploring my emotions and the world, excited to tell the whole world whatever is in my mind. um, with a great sense of humor i insist. but one of my best friends insisted that all my jokes were lame, pathetic, very childish. to be frank, he said. i was convinced that he confused frank and rude.

so i ran through my posts. i read from A to Z.

he won. yeahh they were all kinda…… immatured. so i deleted everything. mind you there were almost 200 posts. like i didnt have anything to do rather than reading all 200 posts at one time. oh boy, how free i was? time is certainly a luxury i cant afford nowadays. pheww.

it's 2015. time just flew us by. my sense of humor too. i now have none.