Friday, October 25, 2013

malaysia is not safe anymore

i am speaking as an ordinary person. a student living a normal life, has loving parents, lovely sisters, kind aunties and uncles, nice friends. i cant help from being sad and sorry for the victims of random shootings, robberies, hit and run and what-not. reading the newspapers reminds me everyday of how fragile a life can be.

an ordinary bank officer was shot hands-down by a security guard. she ended her life with an almost destroyed head. he ran away with 450k, gave the money to the family members to be hid. the husband was informed that there was robbery in the bank that his wife was working for from facebook, he went there, and was not permitted to see his wife, and only to be informed later on that night that he had lost his wife to a heartless, crazy man who shot for money. and it is more upsetting after i learned that the criminal was not malaysian. he is an outsider.. hired and paid to guard us from any harm, in our own country. i mean, come on, this is our land, and we pay foreigners to take care of our safety. really.

and it is even more sickening after i learned that the company responsible for hiring that crazy heartless immigrant entrusted him to guard with firearms when he clearly doesnt have any license to possess one.  what kind of business are you running here madam?

and then the next day i read about chaos in gombak. a man who is obviously mentally unhealthy stabbed 4 people, with 2 ended up dead. those two were of course irrefutably innocent. the criminal went to a sundry shop and nobody knew what happened there, that he decided to stab the owner of the shop and next his assistant leaving the severely wounded. then he drove his van and stabbed the other two people leaving them dead. he hit the back of the victims' cars and then he stabbed the drivers to death.

i stared into empty spaces for 5 minutes. i am worried. i am disturbed. i am bothered. i have no worries for myself. i worry for my family's safety. i am worried. malaysia is no longer a safe place to live anymore. i read so many news of murders everyday.

those two recent news are not new at all. while we are complaining over missed lunch because of work, complaining over incomplete assignments, not enough money, traffic jammed everywhere, there are those who cant complain anymore. only then will we appreciate our precious time left in this world. there are murders everyday. there were those unfortunate women who were kidnapped while jogging and shopping and murdered mercilessly. there were those who were killed by their lovers out of jealousy. there were those who were stabbed because of money. this happens everyday in malaysia without us noticing it. i am anxious when i think about this. there is only one thing that matters, i want my family to be safe no matter wherever they are. and i surrender to the fact that, i have only my god to depend on.

it is horrendous. and i play blaming games. blaming those money-hungry business people who run their business with bribery and foul play. i blame those power-hungry politicians. i blame everyone but myself. again, malaysian being malaysian :)