Wednesday, November 28, 2012

if i could, i would. sometimes, conflicts are of mere understandings. i wish i know how to read minds. so that i wont be deceived by courtesy and kindness. i wont accept helps without sincerity fitting in the intention of the giver. i'm sorry that i couldnt understand how the genius' minds working. they've got brains but they aint got heart, or is it some common sense?

you are too stiff, and too sensitive. ive got fed up entertaining your sensitivity for words that are not meant for you. you are too emotional at times that you drag me in a maze of confusion. i got tired pulling your legs and wooing you all over again. my goodness, friend. how can anyone ever understand you. or is it me? is it just me?

ive got feelings and i believe you do too. its not that easy for me to supress my feelings. maybe, i am not strong enough like you. my goodness, friend.