Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shoes define who you are

isn't it? well, at least i think so.

i love shoes. i love to look at people who wear appropriate and nice shoes…. and it is not limited to women only. i love guys who wear nice shoes (and appropriate) as well. well, sometimes i think it is an insult if you are super-dressed from top to ankle, but you neglect the last part down there. shoes. imagine a girl wearing a beautiful dress and she pairs it up with a flip flop that we use to perform ablution before praying. guys who wear formal attire but wearing just slippers.. that's a turn off. i see many, nevertheless. of course i dont mean flip flop or slippers are no good. its just that you have to match it with your outfit.

many think that it's a waste to own so many shoes. well, not, if you can have it with reasonable price. i prefer buying many with acceptable price rather than having just one branded shoes and stick to just that one. i love heels. i am confident with heels, maybe to compensate for my petiteness :D but if i am planning to walk a lot, i would prefer comfortable flats. try looking around at ZALORA, they have a lot of shoes ranging from flip flops to heels. for men and women. who doesnt love window shopping? i do.


Shoes serve as a women’s important way of accessorizing their outfit. Whether it be high heels, boots, flats or flip flops, it will look perfect when paired with the right outfit (please, certainly not flipflops with a wedding dress and high heels with trackbottom). However, the types of shoes a woman chooses to wear actually shows to others the wearer’s personality and character. As we have our own fashion mood and style every day we wake up of bed, the selection of our footwear tells others indirectly about our personal character. The famous high heels is the common footwear every woman has in their shoe collection and often wears them to formal occasions such as dinner events, weddings as well as the office. High heels show that you are very confident in yourself and have a strong personality (is that me? is that me?).

ooo.. love.. who doesnt? 

The humble flip flops are the footwear which a woman wears to let their feet breathe awhile from those painful high heels and covered shoes. People would assume someone wearing the simple flip flops as coming back from the beach or swimming pool. Besides that, the flip flops also shows to someone that you are a college or high school student who could only afford flip flops to match with your clothes. The flip flops are suitable for individuals who just want a sense of calmness and relax feeling during the weekends. For women who wear sandals, it is seen to be an upgrade and more stylish version of the flip flop. It tells a person that you still want to be laid back but with a slight hint of fashion.

yeapp.. mine is that one.. the pink one.. :D

Sneakers are always seen suitable to be worn during sports and tough activities. So women who wear sneakers are said to be a very sporty chic which loves taking care of her health. As sneakers are worn at the gym workout session or simply a jog around the park, women are perceived to be an active individual but some may also say that these women are lazy (said mom to me when i was a teenager, read the following you will know). This is because if women are caught wearing sneakers frequently without being involved in any sports activities; it shows that she is someone who cannot be bothered with her lack of taste and fashion style (yeah exactly mom). now its my sisters who match every outfit with sneakers. i guess we all go through that phase, no? So which style do you want to try out today? Or prefers wanting to get new pair of shoes to add into your collection? Have a look at ZALORA as it offers a wide selection of shoes from stylish designs and brands online.

yeah. looks so comfy isn't it? i used to love sneakers, even pairing it with my baju kurung for hari raya every year.  now  that i am a lady (hihi) i always snap at my sister's decision to wear sneakers with everything. 

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