Monday, August 11, 2014

semester break

how tempting those cakes look. i dont want to eat them. no. i want to BAKE them! oh pleaseeee calm this craving down… i cant bake it since i will end up eating it.. adding unnecessary calories and they are all sweet (sorry, mostly) i have to watch what i eat. i cant afford to eat anymore unhealthy food.

so i tried to revert back doing what i used to enjoy.. playing with beads. making bracelets and necklaces. but my tools are in my house at shah alam. urghh. so here i am staring blankly at my computer screen.

however. i just love this feeling. calm, relaxed, not stressed. i appreciate the feeling of having nothing to do or to rush since i dont get that often. oh i wish everybody can have a taste of what dentistry students life like. pheww. i will be very busy every freaking day. sometimes i just have tooo many things to do that i cant lose my time going to the toilet. i have to suppress that need until the end of the day. i cant even..

oh how i love my semester break. no need to be stressed out over whats going to happen tomorrow, having to call all the patients, having to find replacement for patients who cancelled their appointment tomorrow at freaking 10 pm this night! oh goodness… i wonder how most dental students can maintain their sanity cuz i nearly lose mine…………..

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