Wednesday, July 9, 2014


when it comes to relationship, almost everyone has a piece of advice to offer. mak kiah told you to find a man who is rich, so even if you cry later on, you will cry in a comfortable mansion or BMW rather than in a shack. mak leha told you to find a good man rather than a rich man, so you will later live happily. your best friend told you to choose a man who loves you rather than a man whom you love, so he will spend the rest of his lives making you happy. aminah told you to find a man who is educated. shamala told you to find a man who is good looking. mei ling told you to find a man who is hardworking. they all have their own opinion and experience to share. 

in the end, it all doesnt matter. you will still choose a man whom you are happy with. 

because our story differs. we cannot compare our journey with someone else's. god makes us different, he tests us in different ways.
maybe your guy is filthy rich, but is not faithful (i know i know this is lame. i am stereotyping rich guys hehe) maybe your guy has a master's degree, but every conversation is sooo boring. maybe your guy is good looking but he's childish. plus, nobody is perfect. that is certain. you can perceive a person as perfect only if you come to love his imperfections as well. 

this topic is random. there is nothing personal. just came across a conversation in my newsfeed discussing about what's right what's wrong and who's better in a relationship.