Thursday, April 24, 2014

should doctors help to implement hudud?

for most of the time, i would have my stubborn opinion on every topics or issues. i would create imaginary conversations and paragraphs in my head. from politics to… whatever

but this one issue, i really have no idea what to think, or how to think. there's a fine line between religion and professionalism. i do not know what i should think.

nobody among us muslims would ever dare to deny hudud. well, i realized that most of us would prefer to keep our mouth shut regarding the implementation of hudud. hudud, irrefutably, should be realized. but how are we going to realize it? it is a problem because most of us have a very shallow idea about hudud. we do not know it as a whole, only the surface, or maybe less than that. i'm sure the thoughts of limbs amputation, caning, stoning and whatnot came to mind when picturing hudud. that does no fair to hudud.

lets put that aside. my major concern is whether doctors should be involved in implementing hudud. i am not taking sides. i dont even know what is right and what is wrong. should they? or shouldnt they? someone please enlighten me. i appreciate opinions from those who maintain their neutrality instead of some religious zealots or liberalist. i would want to hear fair explanation.

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